Material Processing

What happens with your waste?

It's Weighed

The product is weighed and then customer verified. The consignment is then unpacked and separated by material and product type.

It's Processed

Processing materials, our first and most important part is to REUSE. All materials that can be re-used are separated and graded into capacity, colour, makes and models.

It’s Packed

‘All inkjets are then packed by manufacture, make, model, capacity, colour and origin.

End of Life

All non-REUSE materials are separated into ink tank waste and print head waste. These materials have no commercial use or free value, or could be damaged, stripped or broken.

This material equates to a small percentage of the overall initial load. The materials are stored until there is a full load and sent to various partner companies who will shred and separate this back into raw materials.

We have spent many years finding and perfecting sustainable solutions for our industries waste. In doing so we have also been fortunate enough to find and create an eco-smart sustainable REUSE channel.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for inkjet printer cartridges.

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