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We have been collecting empty printer cartridges since 1994 and offer a fully licensed processing and treatment facility that ensures you are 100% legally covered for the disposal of this type of WEEE waste.

Printer cartridges CANNOT be sent to landfill or incineration and must be collected and processed through a licensed treatment facility.

Ohana Collect can offer a free service to your organisation on 25 Inkjets or more.

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Once you have a consignment ready please contact us via telephone or email and we will email you with an address label for your consignment and a Waste Transfer Note (WTN). A WTN is your legal documentation that you will be required to keep and to prove who your waste has been sent to if any inspection or proof is required.

Cartridges must be packed carefully to avoid damage.

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Don’t delay, be green and be legally covered today!

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