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Ohana Collect specialises in the collection and reuse of used inkjet printer cartridges. There are over 60 million cartridges thrown into landfill or incineration each year in the UK alone.

A lot of offices will have bins for all general waste which will allow cartridges to be placed in. This is your legal requirement covered but most of what goes into these big bins are shredded so no re-use can be made.

Our aim is to grow our business network and to keep reducing how much of this material is simply discarded.

On the 14th February 2014 the latest revised European Directive (Directive 2012/19/EU) was implemented to include all fax/copier & inkjet printer cartridges with a smart chip or radio frequency. This is now a legal obligation to all businesses and this type of WEEE waste must be disposed of in a correct and legal manor.

Not only do we adhere to all legal requirements but through our global network of customers most of what we recover has an after market.

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