Earn Money

Earn money from used empty inkjet cartridges.

Start collecting today and receive up to £3.00 per unit.

Our mission is to drastically reduce the number of inkjets that are simply thrown away.

To encourage people to get involved, we believe this needs to be rewarded to ensure a continuous supply for our customers to recycle, and a better future for our planet for generations to come.

We offer innovated ways to get everyone involved from individuals, schools, charities and businesses.

Partner Program

Partner Program is open to anyone. No minimum amount is required. Send whenever and whatever quantities you have. Product will be priced on data received. Payment will be made to chosen account or selected charity via BACS within 48 hours of inspection.

Office Program

We will provide 5 flat packed Eco-Storage boxes to place your inkjets in. Once a box is full (25 Units) we will arrange collection. Payment will be made to chosen account or selected charity via BACS within 48 hours of inspection and a report will be emailed prior to payment. Once we have received your 4th consignment, we will automatically send you 5 collection boxes.


Charity Program

We can provide 25/50/100 litre containers for your address. We also can provide Eco-Storage boxes to your donators. Each container, or Eco-Box, must be full before collection is made. Payment will be made within 48 hours of inspection, and a report will be emailed prior to payment being made.

Inspection Process

When inkjets arrive, every one has to be separated then inspected. There are two main groups of cartridges: Inktanks, which just hold ink, and Inkjets, which have their own printheads built in.

Ink Tank Cartridges

Inktank cartridges are designed to hold ink for printers with built in printheads. They are very robust and are not prone to damage easily. Unfortunately, most do not hold any value. However, our free recycling collection service still applies.

Materials that can not be recycled, or given away, are sent to our partner companies where the product will be shredded back into its raw materials.

Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjets with built in printheads attract the highest premiums but can be damaged very easily. After the main carcus is checked for cracks or damage the electricial circuts are checked and the botton head is inspected for any wear/marks or pinprick holes. If this part of the cartridge has any marks on it, it is rejected. Having marks on this part will result in dots or lines on the paper when printing so can not be re-manufactured.

Ohana Collect specialises in the collection and reuse of used inkjet printer cartridges. There are over 60 million cartridges thrown into landfill or incineration each year in the UK alone.

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