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If your inkjet cartridge has no value, you can still send it to us and we can recycle it for you free of charge.


At Ohana, our aim is to grow our business network and to keep reducing how much of these materials are simply discarded. We have a global network of customers, so most of what we recover has an after-market, which means you can earn some extra money simply by being more responsible with your rubbish.

There are over 60 million cartridges thrown into landfill or incinerated in the UK alone, every year. At Ohana, we specialise in the collection and reuse of used inkjet printer cartridges, helping clients around the world earn cash and turn their trash into treasure. Get in touch for more information and help us to help the environment.

The Meaning of Ohana

In terms of Hawaiian culture, the meaning of the word Ohana means family. This reference includes not only blood relatives, but also adoptive and extended family…

Ohana Collect is run by seven members of the same family along with many of the staff who have been involved with the company and its subsidiaries for many years.

The Directors have been involved in the collection and distribution of used inkjet printer cartridges since 1994, making us one of the longest serving original companies in the industry.

Our Head Office and warehouses are located in Norfolk, England. During 2022/2023, another collection facility will be opened in the Netherlands.

Inkjet Recycling Service

At Ohana Collect, we aspire to provide clients across the UK with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for inkjet printer cartridges. Don’t delay, be green and be legally covered today! Talk to our team to find out more.

Let Ohana take care of your used inkjet cartridges

We have been collecting empty ink jet printer cartridges since 1994 and offer a fully licensed processing and treatment facility that ensures you are 100% legally covered for the disposal of this type of WEEE waste.

Cartridges must be packed carefully to avoid damage.

What happens with your used inkjets?


The product is weighed and then customer verified. The consignment is then unpacked and separated by material and product type.


When it comes to processing materials, our first and most important part is to REUSE. All materials that can be re-used are separated and graded into capacity, colour, makes and models.


All inkjets are then packed by manufacture, make, model, capacity, colour and origin.


All non-reusable materials are separated into ink tank waste and print head waste. This is only a small percentage of the overall initial load. Materials are stored until there is a full load and sent to various partner companies who will shred and separate this back into raw materials.


How quickly will I get paid?

48hrs after delivery, processing and inspection.

Do you collect?

We offer collection on over 20 items from our purchase list.

How does a charity donation work?

Visit the ‘Charities‘ page, let us know if you’d like to donate to one of our charities or all of them and that’s it. The money you make will be donated direct to your chosen organisation(s).