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Ohana collect provide a sustainable recycling service
for inkjet printer cartridges.


There are over 60 million inkjet cartridges either landfilled or incinerated each year in the UK and close to 1 Billion worldwide! Only 15% of this total is collected and recycled.

To put this into perspective, if every discarded inkjet in the UK was laid end to end it would stretch from London to New York. If you laid all the inkjets thrown away world-wide, this would circle the earth two and a half times.


Inkjets are made of mainly PS or PET plastic and can contain ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as residue ink. Once in the ground and broken, any residue ink can seep into the water table. The rest of the non-biodegradable materials will be around for another 1000 years.

Waste is an ongoing problem worldwide.
Be part of the solution and let us,

take the waste out of your time

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